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Monday, July 23rd,  
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Location: The Duncan Center

All Things communication

communications workshop

Let’s talk about communication!
What makes church communication effective can be very different than what makes secular communications effective. Effective and timely communications is the key to a healthy church culture. We will discuss many aspects of Church communication and best practices along with offer you tips and tricks, apps and trends. Topics that we will discuss include bulletins, newsletters, emails, phone calls, texts, apps, and more. How do you decide what works for your church and how to manage it all?


Event Content

  • 2018 best practices for your church communication
  • How to build a church communications plan and its components. 
  • The importance of a communications budget and how to establish one. 
  • Effective communication strategies.
  • How to effectively communicate through your website. 


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Isela Gonzalez 


I’m a freelance web designer, social media marketer and educator specializing in branding, web site design, social media management. 

Melissa Lewis

Co- Founder 

I am a church business administrator, but somewhere along the way discovered a love for designing, marketing and website building.


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