Isela Gonzalez 

Isela Gonzalez Church Tech Girls

Web Design, Social Media Consultant & Marketer

Hello, my name is Isela Gonzalez and I am the co founder of Church Tech Girls. I’m a freelance web designer, social media marketer and educator specializing in branding, web site design, social media management. I develop strategies & implementing web based technologies for churches and nonprofit organizations. I truly enjoy bringing my creativity and design experience along with my technical skills to organizations that are anywhere in the process of building technology ……from just starting off or already immersed into the techie world.

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Web Design

Designing the user interface and overall customer experience for websites and applications. This includes overall navigation flow, layout of specific pages, and creation of individual graphic elements.

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Social Media Development

Developing and designing a social media presence. Whether you are running a one-time campaign or need branded design across your social media channels

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Email Marketing

Responsible for execution of email marketing programs in support of business objectives. Expertise and experience designing, implementing and executing successful automated email campaigns.

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Online Marketing

Focusing on the execution and implementation of online marketing strategies including SEO/SEM, website and landing page maintenance and online analytics. Using marketing platforms such as Facebook, Google AdWords, YouTube etc